Does the Policie of the Czech Republic protect private property according to present standards? Owners, managements and even emloyees have responsibility for security in their companies. However, this does not apply only to the commercial sector. It also applies in companies controlled by the government, in semi state companies, in healthcare and so on. In conclusion – where the role of law enforcement authorities ends, the role of commercial security begins.
Security for the 21st Century is unique by its structural complexity. The digital nature of the world makes possibility of threats and crimes not even imaginable until recent past. The problem of risks anticipation is a narrowly specified by the view of individal experts. They are focused on their sphere of interest not knowing the expertise and work of another colleagues. To reduce the risks of the company or institution at present means effectively coordinate all security threat areas together:

The project “Security for the 21st Century” responds to these challenges. It offers an unique interconnection of the best Czech experts for individual security threats. It is about the security “dream team”, coordinated by Zdeněk Macháček, who has over 20 years experience in security and risk management. With this project the Czech Republic receives a comprehensive security service still missing on the market.

Our history

AUG, 2016 (Start)

The team around Zdenek Machacek was founded. Beginning of Security for the 21st Century.

MAR, 2017 (Partners)

We started cooperating with Ing. Bohumil Voženílek. He became a partner for 21st century security.

NOV, 2018 (Website)

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Areas of Interest

Our Team

Zdeněk Macháček

Fyzická bezpečnost

Former Elite Detective UOOZ and later Director of Security of Česká spořitelna a.s.

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Ing. Bohumil Voženílek

Financial and tax security business

Tax consultant in PRIMASKA CONSULT s.r.o. and he is its founder and executive. He has Certificate Number 1709 in the Chamber of Tax Advisors.

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Zdenka M. Šimánková

Business finance, process management

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Mgr. Michal Mazel

Protection of Personal Data

Former Adviser to the Minister of the Interior and Former Member of the Legislative Council of the Government. Owner of the law company.

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