IT security, secure Information Systems

The victims of attacks become several million people a day worldwide. Therefore, it is necessary build secure information systems and continuously educate users about potential risks.

Supervisor: Ing. Jaroslav Pejčoch, T-SOFT

Not everyone realizes that for the use of user-friendly applications in modern devices pay tax. This may be the loss of confidentiality of certain information or an increased threat from people who want to get his information or funds. The victims of these attacks become several million people a day worldwide. Therefore, it is necessary build secure information systems and continuously educate users about potential risks – and find ways to combat them. Advanced technologies ease this activity.

What we offer:

T-SOFT a.s. is able to design, operate and develop secure information systems that meet both customer needs and respect the valid legislation. Thanks to a group of analysts, system architects and programmers T-SOFT a.s. can develop specialized applications and integrate with the surrounding environment other systems used by the customer.

Particular emphasis is placed on security in the broad sense, ie. Ensuring data protection, continuous operation of the system, protection against unauthorized access or cyber attacks. The delivery of system includes besides conventional security features (antivirus, firewall) also modern elements to monitor possible attacks both outside and inside the organization and systems for rapid response to potential cyber attacks.

Special offer is analysis of the IT system and its possible restructuring to simpler, to cheapen, more pleasant and increased explanatory power.

In the field of security and crisis management – focus on improving preparedness organizations in crisis situations – We propose and organize stress tests of organizations that include practices involving the top management of the company. We use our own specialized products, such as PRACTIS. Activities of this nature will allow top management to prepare for possible decisions in crisis situations, learn to respond to signals from the specialized departments (Security Operation Centre for Cyber Security, System for physical security) in the form of practicing the typical scenarios.The resulting processes are included in current continuity plans and contingency plans.

T-SOFT a.s. is able to provide:

  • Initial analysis of the situation,
  • Stress test “how we stand” with   using typical and specialized scenarios – Top-level management,
  • Analysis of the effectiveness and risks,
  • Design of processing and security measures,
  • Implementation of measures – HW / SW / processes, including the possible development of specialized software applications,
  • Information support trainings, procedures etc. with bringing up to personal mobile devices,
  • system integration,
  • Staff Training (cybernetic workshop) Education for conscious as safe behavior when working with information technology,
  • long-term support to stay business safe,
  • Outsourcing of selected activities.

The most current threats on the present:

  • loss of availability, e.g. DoS, DDoS – see below, fire, interrupting the data or power wiring,
  • threat to the integrity, eg. an error in the database transaction,
  • loss of confidentiality, eg. access to data by unauthorized person Which was authorized by social engineering.