Ing. Tomáš Přibyl

Cyber Security

Practice Areas:

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Ing. Tomáš Přibyl graduated from Cybernetics from Faculty of Electrical Engineering in ČVUT. He does in Cyber Security field since 1996. He is the founder, co-owner and Chairman of the Supervisory Board in Corpus Solutions Inc., which is profiled as a consulting technology company that helps clients effectively to fight with the risks in cyberspace. Tomáš Přibyl actively promotes a consults with clients the need of changes in their approach to solving cyber risks. Together with the clients looking for a solution to integrate the cyber security into their corporate culture. He places the emphasis on education and practical training associated with the detection and the managing cyber incidents. He found the inspiration in Israel and he tries to transmit to clients this know-how. He is also Chairman of the Board in EuCybSec, which is a professional platform for sharing the latest knowledge in the field of cybersecurity.

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